Welcome to X-Wing Debrief! We’re a couple of United States Air Force aviators who happen to enjoy X-Wing quite a bit. While having a few beers, we thought of this idea – what if we could apply what we do at work to the game we love? This is the post-hangover brainchild of those initial thoughts. Check out the different post categories above or select all posts above for the latest blog posts. We also have media loaded to Twitch, Youtube, and a Discord Server. Introductions are below!

Dan (aka DROID) is an Evaluator Combat Systems Officer and graduate of the United States Air Force Weapons School (USAFWS). USAFWS is the Air Force’s 6 month training program for tactical experts and leaders on the control and exploitation of air, space and cyber on behalf of the joint force. The goal of the course is to train students to be tactical experts in their combat specialty while also learning the art of battle-space dominance. He primarily plays Separatists and First Order, enjoys craft beer and popcorn, and is from New England – and yes, our sports teams are better than yours.

Jonathan (aka NaKoaLani) is an Evaluator Pilot, Advanced Instrument School graduate, and Air Command and Staff College graduate. ACSC is a 10-month program focusing on profession of arms, leadership and ethics, joint operations, airpower, and the international security environment. He has been playing X-wing since Summer 2014. He also enjoys civilian flight instructing and is an Imperial purist – the Empire Did Nothing Wrong!

Neither of us are remotely close to experts on X-Wing – we just see some interesting application of workplace principles to the game, and figured we’d share it with the community we enjoy so much. We hope you stick around!