Welcome to X-Wing Debrief! We’re a couple of flyers who happen to enjoy X-Wing quite a bit. In early 2019, we thought of this idea – what if we could apply military aviation principles to the games we love? This is the result of those initial thoughts. Check out the different post categories above or select all posts above for the latest blog posts. We also have media loaded to Twitch, Youtube, and a Discord Server. Introductions are below!

DROID has played X-Wing since 2016. When not spending time with his family he’s an avid gamer, sometimes runner, frequently photographer, and lifelong Star Wars fan. DROID primarily plays Separatists and First Order in X-Wing and classes as Support in Squadrons. He enjoys craft beer, popcorn, and New England sports.

NaKoaLani has played X-Wing since 2015. He and his family are big fan of Star Wars and have seen every movie opening night since Episode 1. NKL enjoys flying, fitness, time with the family, and his faith is a huge part of his life. Feel free to ask anytime! He enjoys streaming X-wing content and likes to travel with friends for tournaments. He is an Imperial purist but branches out into scum every now and then.

Neither of us are remotely close to experts on X-Wing – we just see some interesting application of military principles to the game, and figured we’d share it with the community we enjoy so much. We hope you stick around!

Disclaimer: The views expressed on this site are the authors’ own and are not official positions of the Department of Defense, just in case it isn’t clear by the Star Wars focus. All military-themed content originates from publicly available sources.